April 2014 BOM – Gibike prototype


We saw this cool machine at Sea Otter.  It’s a Gibike – electric/human hybrid.  Designed to be an inner city commuter.  At this time it’s a prototype and the inventors are looking for some investment via Kickstarter to get into production.

It’s not only a beautiful bicycle it’s also well thought out in terms of functionality.  I was drawn to the swoopy lines, open crankset and single sided chainstay and front end.  It also folds easily for storage with just one lever, it has a multi gear rear hub, USB charging port, non-greasy belt drive and anti-theft locks built right in.  Head to their web site to get all the details right from the source.

Bloody Shins MTB Trail System – Winnemucca, NV

Coming home from Sea Otter we stopped in Winnemucca for the night.   The next morning a quick Google search for MTB trails in central Nevada led us to the Bloody Shins area right outside town.

Gotta say it was a real treat to find some great MTB specific trails out where we expected none.  It’s fun, swoopy and fast.  Even the “green” singletrack trails are a blast.

We started out at the trailhead on the east side of town – just past the high school.  From there we worked a generally counter clockwise loop hitting the Snake, Lizard and Afterthought trails while gaining elevation toward the back of the system.  Afterthought is a great trail to climb – skinny, turny and designed so that there are a lot of breaks in the climb.  Really nice work in trail design.  The “intermediate” loop takes you out to the Lost Forest area where there were a ton of other unmarked singletrack trails crossing.  Wished we had more time to explore around more.

Oh yeah, I love finding rusty shot-up cars in the desert – that’s another reason I loved this ride so much!  It’s worth a stop if you’re traveling through on I-80.

Mount Tamalpais – San Anselmo, CA

While visiting family in San Anselmo, we had a chance to get up Mt. Tam for a quick morning ride.

Marin lays claim to the birthplace of mountain biking and Mt. Tamalpais was one of the spots where it all began.  Sadly, today there are not really any trails on Mt. Tam that can be ridden legally.  It’s fire road or paved road only.

We started in downtown San Anselmo right by the Yoda statue.  Yep, that Yoda…  From there a short couple of blocks over to Lagunitas Rd. and then Read more

’59(?) JC Higgins

Here’s an oldie.  I think it’s a 1959 but there’s no way to tell by the serial number.  I saw some similar ones whose owner’s said they were between ’58 and ’60.

Krampus 29+

Well here it is, the shortest day of the year.  It’s snowing.  Figured that the Krampus would be a deserving choice for December bike of the month. It’s not truly a snow bike but it does pretty well on the packed-out singletrack.

These pics are from the Blair Witch and MGM trails here in Steamboat.

Colorado Trail Ride

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now.  We have friends who have raced the CTR and there have been mixed reviews as to how the ride is.

It’s hard.  The experience is awesome.  I was sort of expecting hundreds of miles of trail like there is around Buffalo Creek or around Durango.  Those parts of the trail are so fun on a bicycle.  Other parts are not fun at all – unless hours of hike-a-bike are your thing.

We took our time, didn’t ride at night and waited for our stuff to dry out each morning. We got rained on almost every night, chased off a high ridge by lightning and had more than a couple mechanicals.