About stuff here in our home town.

Krampus 29+

Well here it is, the shortest day of the year.  It’s snowing.  Figured that the Krampus would be a deserving choice for December bike of the month. It’s not truly a snow bike but it does pretty well on the packed-out singletrack.

These pics are from the Blair Witch and MGM trails here in Steamboat.

Honeystinger FN Aid Station

The Honeystinger Races go off here in August.  It’s a combo endurance mountain bike and trail running event.  We’re lucky to have both the terrain to run this race and the people who manage the thing.  The race organizers are homegrown and they strive to put on a fun event.  Our local community really embraces it.

The FN Aid Station.  An unofficial, just for the heck of it aid station set near the summit of the Beall trail.  A group of hard(ly) working locals hauls up all sorts of meat & beer and encourages the weary before their descent into town.  It’s really inspirational to hear them whooping it up as you’re grinding up the last of the long grade.  If you’re not in the hunt for a podium spot, it’s well worth stopping to take in the scenery, refresh and refuel.