Bloody Shins MTB Trail System – Winnemucca, NV

Coming home from Sea Otter we stopped in Winnemucca for the night.   The next morning a quick Google search for MTB trails in central Nevada led us to the Bloody Shins area right outside town.

Gotta say it was a real treat to find some great MTB specific trails out where we expected none.  It’s fun, swoopy and fast.  Even the “green” singletrack trails are a blast.

We started out at the trailhead on the east side of town – just past the high school.  From there we worked a generally counter clockwise loop hitting the Snake, Lizard and Afterthought trails while gaining elevation toward the back of the system.  Afterthought is a great trail to climb – skinny, turny and designed so that there are a lot of breaks in the climb.  Really nice work in trail design.  The “intermediate” loop takes you out to the Lost Forest area where there were a ton of other unmarked singletrack trails crossing.  Wished we had more time to explore around more.

Oh yeah, I love finding rusty shot-up cars in the desert – that’s another reason I loved this ride so much!  It’s worth a stop if you’re traveling through on I-80.